We’ve created a variety of tools, resources, initiatives, and events to help you and your friends, family, and community live well. From the state’s premiere healthy communities conference and a one-of-its-kind statewide health competition, to free mobile apps and personalized health planning, we’ve got you covered!

Our Services include personal training, meal planning, exercise regimens, program designs, cooking, demonstrations, individualized recipes, grocery shopping visits and more.

We offer free health fair, food, sports, and education programming to help residents see these spaces as active for community building. Our partners include residents, students, educators, community leaders, non-profits, and members of the business community that want to make a difference in the neighborhood.

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It brings people together to do, explore, teach and learn.

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We are all connected, we’re part of something greater, and there is something more meaningful in this life that’s not present in our daily routines.


Find the answers to your burning fitness questions right here! Our collection of experts are the best in the industry. Among them you'll find a powerlifter, a WBFF pro, a PhD, and a chef.

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Each of our experts has the knowledge, experience, and desire to provide you with helpful information, recipes, workouts, and nutrition advice so that you can build your best self.

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Offers supplements, nutrition, vitamins, apparel, household, plus information about conscious life.

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Lowest prices and fast shipping. Broad assortment of manufacturers and product.


Brings people together in thousands of cities to do more of what they want to do in life.

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It is organized around one simple idea: when we get together and do the things that matter to us, we’re at our best.

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Wellness Daily is your personalized daily feed of Wellness articles and videos.

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Get proven workout routines, nutrition help, recipes, and healthy lifestyle tips. Subscribe, search, share, and save your favorites for a custom fitness resource.


Here you can create and manage your fundraisers and volunteering, log and track your progress.

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Earn GetFitPoints  for walking, cleaning, gardening – you name it. Sync your fitness device with your account and start earning!

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Board members’ personal participation is essential to any successful fundraising campaign, our organization cannot expect others to provide financial support if board members do not. Rather than specifying a minimum dollar amount that each board member donate, our  nonprofit set the goal of participation annually by the board. Board members should also help management identify and evaluate prospective donors, whether individuals, corporations, or foundations. Directors should also assist in cultivating prospective donors by stimulating interest in the organization and its work.

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Gardening started for me soon as I was walking, spending much of my childhood and youth in the garden with my grandmother. I used my office for a small plot of tomatoes and jalapenos.  I have built everything from parts for luggage shoots, fortifications to multi million dollar concerts.

Karen Nachtigall enjoys an active lifestyle. As a college athlete she played volleyball and learned the value of living in a healthy body. She began her yoga practice over ten years ago in California after college. Dealing with chronic illness, yoga helped her find peace in her body.


Kian Brown is an innovative personal branding expert known for an array of social channel correspondent appearances and coaching strategy seminars in the greater New York area. Brown was raised in the Port City of Wilmington, North Carolina, and attended North Carolina Central University.

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