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We have the most dedicated people along most aspects of improving your overall health. Fitness, Nutrition, Healthy Cooking, Relaxation Specialists and a lot more!

Don’t forget our Top Rated MTVs Naked Chef and Fitness Expert, Jacques Laventure. Have fun with the rest of the community with regular Fitness Events and Challenges!

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Hacks To Get You Going like a Duracell battery

Do you often find yourself drained with energy? What will it be like…  if you know how to hack your way into having a steady and consistent energy to power you for all the day’s activities? Fortunately for you -we already did the research before hand and you will be...

5 Morning Habits To Help You Think and Feel Better

These morning habits are worth for keeps! The benefits are just tremendous not to over state it though. If you are thinking and feeling better, your motivation is renewed to a whole new level. You will be much geared towards productivity and happiness. Woot! woot!...

8 Good Reasons to Bid Your Diet Soda -Goodbye

Hang in there of a moment. I want you to look into that awesomely, magnificent thirst quenching glass of diet soda right there on top. Aren’t sodas lovely? Meh. How was it so great of me to tell you that you’d have to stop drinking something so tempting like that?...

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Episode 1: Effective Warm Up and Balancing Exercises with Step360!

by Jacques Laventure | Fitness BootCamp

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