The CORE Curriculum
Arts & Crafts
Participation in Eco and Upcycling art as well as general arts allow for children to express their creativity during camp.

Circle Time
Each morning all campers meet to go over the daily schedule, play short warm-up games, and share anything that may be on their mind.

Children engage in the study and usage of herbs and their curative effects. They learn to make teas, healing salves, soaps, cough drops, etc.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development includes creative movement for body awareness. Any kind of dance helps the children develop intuitive abilities when relating to themselves or others. We work with visualizations, silent walks in nature, meditation, and fun journeys. Educating them about bodywork like massage; unconditional touch, the meaning of chakras, and other energy work is part of developing tools for self-care and self-awareness. Self-expression with various themes for writing poetry, creating collage and making story together is all part of the intuitive process. Group activities help raise their consciousness for listening to others and weighing their understanding of how to listen and be respectful to one another. Medicine Wheel ceremonies and other rituals that correlate specifically to the culture of the week, will help stimulate their imaginations and educate them about the world and our planet.

Nutritional Cooking
Each week children will learn how to cook healthy recipes.

Storytelling is a vital part of camp. Each week students will learn stories from around the world and are encouraged to share their own stories as well.

Sustainable Gardening
Gardening is Golden Acorns Camp staple. Every summer children learn about different herbs, vegetables, etc. and participate in planting various seeds and cultivating the gardens within the camp.

T’ai Chi
Tai Chi Chuan is the ancient art of meditation in motion. Children at Golden Acorns will explore tai chi through games, animal movements, imagery, art activities and tai chi postures. They will discover through these activities how to deepen body awareness, improve relaxation and focus and engage in tai chi play with others. Children will learn to breathe in relation to body movements and how they can access chi (internal energy) from their nose to their toes.

Each morning children are guided through yoga exercises to energize and relax their mind and body.

The CULTURAL Curriculum
Each week of camp focuses on different world culture.
Here are the cultures we have covered in the past: